Memory Lane Memory Lane Me and Yappa Yappa Yates on my left has since deceased. He was contacted but saddly died before he could attend. 160321970 HMS Salisbury This was a bit of fun when I was on the Salisbury. I sent a copy to the manufactures hoping they might use it in their ADDS, but they sent me a giant box of Daz for my trouble, woth a try though 97015433 Group Just a small group on deck. Phil Thompson on the left. me third. 97015434 Group 2 Another group 97015435 97015436 Fist Born My first born in Plymouth, Master Martin Dwyer. 97015437 HMS Salisbury outside my dark room on the Salisbury. 97015438 Me and Phil Phil Thompson and I when we were lads. 97015439 Roof The roof of our flat in ,Malta. Flat roof. Info for Glynne. 97015440 Self Portrait 97015441 Sister My sister and I on leave 97015442 160321971 160321647