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Old Guest Book (contents only)

Unfortunately the Guest book is no longer functioning due to the servers ceasing to supply a free guestbook. Considering the lack of use anyway, I've decided not to look for an alternative and to use 'Facebook' instead. I've left these old messages here in case any of you recognise anyone.

From: DEREK DOIGNIE ([email protected])  

September 19 2011

From: Susan Howarth ([email protected])  

August 2 2011
Hello All, I am wondering if anybody remembers my lovely Dad, Les Howarth - he served on HMS Diana in the 50's, and went the Monte Bello islands for the nuclear testing in the 50s.
Dad loved the Navy, and sadly passed away in 1991, he had had a few strokes and heart attacks, and he was taken from us. He had very fond memories of the Diana, abd its such a shame that the reunion site is here now, and not so much earlier. I, myself didnt realise this site existed. I have black and white photos of Dad with his shipmates, but I dont who they are! Would love to hear from anyone who remembers Les, my wonderful Dad - By the way, he served as a gunner.
Thank You for reading this, and here's hoping.
Susan Howarth.

From: Sham Fisher ([email protected])  

July 29 2011
Thanks Glynne for removing the last lot of advertising rubbish placed on the web Also your comments to anyone who might be thinking about placing further rubbish.

Well Done


From: Admin  

July 21 2011
Please do not place commercial links in this guest book. It serves no purpose other than to annoy our members.

From: Helen Lane ([email protected])  

June 19 2011
Hi My husband Ron (Shady) Lane served on the HMS Diana at both Monte Bello tests. Unfortunately he passed away on 1st October, 2009 with a very rare form of cancer. We only had 3 months from diagnosis to the end. Don't know if anyone would remember him. Helen Lane

From: Perky ([email protected])  

June 15 2011
Hi Guy's I am trying to locate Bill (Tommo) Thompson who was on Diana in the early 60's, all I can remember he was in 4 mess. Any help will be gratefully received.

From: John Dwyer ([email protected])  

Home page: http://www.flickr.co.uk
April 9 2011
Hi Ship mates. I was unable to make Blackpoolthis year and consequently was unable to take the usual set of photographs for the Moonshine. With so many budding photographers out there now with their digital cameras I must believe that there was quite a few pics taken on that weekend. So please if you took any snaps please email them to me for sizing and I will put them on the Diana site in your name. Aye John Ships Photographer.

From: Les Hook ([email protected])  

April 6 2011
Hi Dianna assoc.
This is an up date on your Presidaent Bob Badger-Smith.
He is and has made a remarkable recovery from his recent traumatic health issue.He is living in a comfortable care home in Chipping Norton and enjoying being looked after by some lovely ladies, (Typical sailor). relatives and friends are pushing hard on his behalf to be fitted with a prosthetic leg as promised on his discharge from hos. Rest assured he is doing remarkably well.He's a tough old sea dog.
Regards to you all who know him. Will keep you posted

From: Sham Fisher ([email protected])  

April 1 2011
Dear Shipmates and Ladies
I would just like to say a big thank you to you all for making the Reunion in Blackpool March 2011 The best we have had. it's thanks to you all for your continued support year on year well done. The next Reunion and AGM as you are all aware, will be held on the 21st,22nd,23rd of October 2011 at The Inglewood Hotel Belgrave Rd Torquay. Please try and join us as this is the first at this venue and it would be superb if we have a full house.
A bit of brilliant news. Shipmate Tom Hay was at the Stonehaven TS Carron Sea Cadets base. Making presentations on behalf of the association of the Diana Crest,Diana Lapel Badges and a cheque for £200.00 this was collected in the bucket at Blackpool.It was a fantastic day for Tom and our association well done to you all.

From: snowy ([email protected])  

Home page: http://[email protected]
March 17 2011
any shipmates out there who remember a guy by the name of machintosh.he was on the first commission 54/56.i think he was an l.e.m.also can any one recall
allister frame,and a lad called machweon.they were both a/bs.all threecame from scotland.my thanks to the committee and all who attended the last reunion in blackpool.a fantastic weekend.it was great to see so many old shipmates.my best wishes to all.snowy
founder member.1992.

From: Tom Murphy ([email protected])  

March 4 2011
Just wanted to know if anybody new of my dad Joe Murphy that was on the ship at Monte bello islands.
Dad Passed away 23 years ago with cancer still miss him alot.maybe some has a photo of the crew our can help me find where to start looking. Many Thanks Good web site. Tom Murphy Sydney Australia

From: victor ([email protected])  

February 26 2011
looking shipmate name macintosh was on hms diana in malta 1954-1955 anyone know wereabouts let me know

From: Iain Jarvis ([email protected])  

February 17 2011
I am researching a C.P.O. Henry Alfred Machal Kemp,not sure of dates served but his LSGC is named H.M.S. Diana.
Was issued between 1949-1953. His No.C/JX 105769.
Any help most grateful.
Iain Jarvis.

From: Malcolm M Dobson (Dobbo) ex LRO(T) ([email protected])  

January 17 2011
As secretary of the Decoy association, I have been viewing your website and find it very interesting. Should any of your members want any information on us please contact me as above. Regards,'Dobbo'. p.s. our old daring is still afloat! (as a Peruvian naval museum FERRE)

From: Sham Fisher ([email protected])  

January 11 2011
To all HMS Diana Association members, also anyone who has served with, or new our President Cdr Bob Badger Smith.
It is with regret that I have to report that he has suffered a serious set back in his health, as you will all possibly be aware that he was loosing his sight quite rapidly, he has now been admitted to hospital and we are informed that he has had a leg amputated. Sadly we have not got any more up to date information, but we will keep you innformed via the web site.The Chairman has sent a card and I have sent one on behalf of the association. Anyone who wishes to send a card please contact me and I will forward the home address.
Yours Aye

Shipmate Sham Fisher

From: Tas Browning ([email protected])  

January 2 2011
I am seeking interest fro ex members of HMS Diana who served during the British Atomic tests in the Monte Bello Islands in 1956, I am researching the Naval role ,both Australian and British in these tests a am seeking comment and or any detail please.
Kind regards
Tas Browning

From: Sham Fisher ([email protected])  

December 27 2010
Hi Everybody hope you all had a great xmas. Just a quick note for those who have access to the internet. I have just read my January 2011 Navy News and I'm afraid there has been a small error in the HMS Diana Reunion details for Blackpool in March. It states Reunion, and AGM.Please disregard the AGM bit. I sent the details for the March Reunion and the October Torquay Reunion where we will be holding the AGM at the same time, so either I got it wrong or the Navy News,anyway sorry for the confusion please disregard it .
See you all in Blackpool.


From: Dave Murch ([email protected])  

December 25 2010
I like to wish you all a Happy Christmans and New Year (1956-1957)

From: Glynne  

December 22 2010
Merry Christmas and a healthy and successful New Year to all HMS Diana Association members.

From: David Tague ([email protected])  

December 14 2010
Hi, back in August 09, I posted a message asking if anyone could help me with finding out about my late dads career, if anyone is able to help, then this is my updated email address, thanks.

From: John (Sham) Fisher ([email protected])  

December 12 2010
I would just like to take this opportunity to wish All HMS Diana Association Members a very Happy Xmas and a Healthy and safe New Year. Also to any other Diana men that are out there Please come and join us all you have to do is email or phone 01163678360 and I will send you an application form and information about the association. Reunions what we do ,etc.

From: Carl jeynes ([email protected])  

November 16 2010
Hi my dad Derek Jeynes served 56-59 always told me about the big white clouds when I was a child. Every morning I used to say ''dad why do you cough so much?. I remember buying him the book JUst testing. He cried but could never read it or so he told me. Two brain haemorages and lung and brain cancer took him away early in life. I now live in the land of the big white cloud New Zealand and hope to catch up with servicemen here and the survey done by Massey university here on the fallout. Best wishes to everyone associated and keep those friendships going

From: Glynne ([email protected])  

Home page: http://hmsdiana.co.uk
November 8 2010
I think it's a bit selfish of you to criticise the next AGM being in Torquay and only convenient for those of us in the South. I've been a member of the Association now for about 8/9 years and every year travel to Blackpool. I cannot attend the September reunion as I'm still working at that time. Instead, I don't attend, but I don't complain about it, It's one of those things that I have to put up with. This year, because of the change of dates, I will be able to attend and I'm sure that several other members who cannot make the journey to Brum or Blackpool, may be able to join us. It wouldn't hurt to alternate the venue annually and I'm all for it.

From: Tony Roberts ([email protected])  

Home page: http://talktalk.net
November 2 2010
I Have just received A letter telling me that the next AGM will be held in Torquay. I think this is a bad move because all the members who live in the North will not be able to attend because of age or distance, for instance Scotland and Northern Ireland. this will mean that the only people who can vote will be Southerners or Midlanders. This will deminish the membership. until the association will eventually close

From: chris whitehead (chriswhi[email protected])  

August 10 2010
I have just been informed that my fathers death was announced in July's Navy News.
Thanks to HMS Diana Association for placing the announcement. Still missing the old bugger!

From: brian snow ([email protected])  

Home page: http://[email protected]
June 4 2010
just heard the sad news of the passing of john woods.
blackpool on wednesday the 02/06/10.john was an active member of the association since the founding way back in 1992.he was a great guy and will be sadly missed by all who new him.but i know that he wiil always be with us.a real gentleman.may he find calm waters and fair winds.gone but never forgotten.r.i.p.

From: Christopher Whitehead ([email protected])  

May 22 2010
LSA James Arthur Whitehead (Mac/Art)
passed away on 10 May 2010, two weeks before his 75th birthday

Served around the late 50's, early 60's

I?ve not seen enough of the man that?s me dad
whatever time is left, it?s not enough

We?ve not played enough games together,
doms, chess, darts or cards

Whatever the game is, it?s never enough

We?ve never played enough football, monopoly or scrabble
he?s never bought home enough toy soldiers and match box cars

The swapping of buying comics for The New Junior Encyclopaedia
at the time seemed enough, but now the whole collection is not enough

For being naughty, he?s never told me off enough
for being bad, well the spankings were enough!!

We?ve never been shopping enough for a family of five
rewarded with sweets for helping to carry the goods

Not enough holidays to butlins, statics or b&b?s
Not enough early morning walks by the sea

Not enough trips down the arcade
or evenings down the pub, mines a pint, his is lemonade

We?ve never watched enough documentaries
or films or comedies

Never discussed politics enough
or crime or injustice, never enough!

We?ve never talked enough about the weather
or walked out enough, whatever the weather

He?s not been over to our house enough
he?s not been out in the garden no-where near enough

He?s never passed on enough Navy News
but his navy stories are certainly enough!

I?ve never took him out enough in my nice new car
we never sat out at night, staring at the stars

The dog?s not wagged its tail enough when we visit
and its not licked its lips enough, knowing there?s always a biscuit

We?ve never watched enough, the world going by
laughing and asking each other, ?what?s it all about and why??

We?ve never discussed enough, the finer art of biscuit dunking
and we never dunked biscuits enough whilst discussing finer art

He?s never advised me on the best career path to take
but what he did say was ?no matter what you do, son......always look busy?

I?ve not felt sad enough about moving so far away
or about not ringing him every day

I?ve not told him enough of how I?ve turned out and what makes me strong
I?ve not told him enough of how time without him will seem too long

Now, its sad thinking we?ve not done enough
but my wonderful memories, are good enough

Whatever a father and son could do together
you know it was never enough

I?ve not seen enough of the man that?s me dad
what ever time is left, it is never enough

From: Richard Stoneman ([email protected])  

April 22 2010
Hi all you Ex Diana Shipmate, Served on the lovely lady during her first commision. Sorry I missed the last reunion but have been to a few and really had a great time. Will be doing my best to get to the next one. Iam off to the ''Lochie'' Association reunion this weekend at Coventry. Might see an Ex HMS Diana shipmate there.
All the best AYE Richard S.

From: GRL  

April 18 2010
George.Photo now uploaded of Diana entering Singapore in 1963. If you look at full size picture, you can see the single bofor on the port side of the bridge superstructure.

From: brian snow ([email protected])  

Home page: http://[email protected]
April 14 2010
the passing of barry stone.one of the original members of the diana association.never missed one reunion.also a dedicated member of the r.n.a. and the stokers corner in the birmingham nautical club.he was a gentleman of the old times.he will be missed,but never forgotten.rest in peace barry.you were a one of a kind. snowy. on behalf of the diana association.

From: Glynne ([email protected])  

Home page: http://hmsdiana.co.uk
March 30 2010
Hello George, nice to hear from you. Sorry, but I think you're wrong. I checked with wikipedia and her armament in 1960, before I joined her, was as follows.
* 6 QF 4.5 in /45 (114 mm) Mark V in 3 twin mountings UD Mark VI
* 4 40 mm /60 Bofors A/A in 2 twin mounts STAAG Mk.II
* 2 40 mm /60 Bofors A/A in 1 twin mount Mk.V
* 2 pentad tubes for 21 in (533 mm) torpedoes Mk.IX
* 1 Squid anti submarine mortar (unquote)
When I joined her, the two twin mounted bofors had been changed to two single mounts. They were definately bofors. STAAG (not STAG) stands for (Stabilised Tachymetric Anti-Aircraft Gun) which is a type of gun, not a 'make' of gun. Any 'make' can be a STAAG.

From: george walker ([email protected])  

March 30 2010
to GRL,diana never had single mounted bofors iether side of the bridge.they were S.T.A.Gs standing fro single tichometric anti aircraft guns.totaly different from a bofor.

From: John Dwyer ([email protected])  

Home page: http://www.slps.co.uk
March 23 2010
Another great weekend at Blackpool, it was so good we had people that observed our goings on, that they asked could they join the association; wow unheard of. Now then all you guys that served on the Diana why not join us, its only £15quid a year. Come on you know its a good idea.

From: brian snow ([email protected])  

Home page: http://[email protected]
March 10 2010
all these new guys that leave a message on this site,
where are you and why do you not come and join us ?
if you live in the uk,come and join the diana association. it is a good set up.

From: Malcolm Odell ([email protected])  

January 25 2010
Served on Diana 65-67 first skipper Captain Roddy Mcdonald (a true gentleman). The best draft chit I ever had.

From: Paul Hitchcock ([email protected])  

January 20 2010
I served on Diana 64 -67 along with my twin brother Peter and enjoyed most of it. I too can remember living in the huts in Drake whilst in Refit and watching the field gun. Being a TAS ape I was in the after messdeck. My PO was Tosh (Ty) Harding UC1. My Killick was Dan (I don't get seen off) Archer. Gan was the ships favourite run ashore as most of the ships company drunk the RAF Mess dry and tried to swim home from it; Happy days. George Kirbride where are you?

From: Bob Pope ([email protected])  

January 11 2010
I served aboard HMS Diana as ERA (National Service) 1957-1959. Would love to hear from an old shipmate.

From: Glynne  

December 21 2009
Merry Christmas to all....Mr Dwyer, What's the matter with my photography? You saucy scouser

From: snowy ([email protected])  

Home page: http://coogee?tesco.net
December 3 2009
wishing all guys and dolls a very happy christmas and a great new year.thank you all for your suport over the last twelve months we certainly have some thing good going here.any ex diana,s out there are always wlcomed to join us.come and meet your old shipmates all commissions welcomed. aye snowy .

From: Dr. Teeth ([email protected])  

November 24 2009
Was on that Malta trip, dropped the blessed camera off the bow when a bird startled me. No pictures, but a great time!

From: john ([email protected])  

November 21 2009
Glynne. What possessed you to go to Malta on your lonesome, you must have been mad. I see you photography hasn't improved either. Did you see any flat roofs when you were there!!!

From: Glyne ([email protected])  

Home page: http://www.hmsdiana.co.uk
November 20 2009
Have now posted my photos taken whilst wandering alone on Malta because my so called mates had left the island the week before I arived.

From: john ([email protected])  

Home page: https://hmsdiana.webs.com
November 17 2009
All yo budding photograph's who went to Malta in Occtober, what's happend to all the photo's. There must have been 20 cameras snapping away and not a single pic has appeared on the web site. Send you phots to be and I will make thm suitable for entry on the Diana web site. Ta. John.(except the group I put there)

From: Evo ([email protected])  

November 14 2009
now, now...You know full well he meant canon :)

From: nobby  

November 5 2009
what the hell is a canoon?

From: John Clarke  

October 26 2009
25 Pdr meybe the Canoon used for the naval gun salute

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